Is crinkle paper worth the cost?

Is crinkle paper worth the cost?

When it comes to void fill there are a lot of options out there.  Crinkle paper is one option that will make you stand out from the wood wool crowd. 

Crinkle shredded paper is an excellent filler for gift boxes and bags. It's lightweight, making it an excellent choice for product delivery. This zig-zag cut, crinkly paper is a malleable, easy-to-assemble void fill that allows it to be used with any size, shape, or box style.

Apart from the basics, crinkle paper gets bonus points for being extremely versatile. The same crinkle paper that works in a smaller gift box also works in a larger hamper or basket. By adjusting the volume of crinkle paper used, you may easily customise the level of padding required. Because each crinkle is independent of the rest of the padding, there is never any need to cut, resize, or reshape crinkle paper. When used primarily for decoration, crinkle paper can be used sparingly to add some excitement to a box.

It can be firmly packed to provide a protective layer around a fragile object when used for padding. The fact that the amount of crinkle paper used may be modified whenever needed based on what is being packed saves a lot of money.  Our shredded paper is cut in 3mm strips, meaning you get a lot of volume in each pack.

When placed within a package, crinkle paper is very adjustable and free-floating, but it does an excellent job of padding breakable items. Unlike solid-design dividers or sheets of bubble wrap, crinkle paper moves like liquid to fill up all of the spaces within your boxes. Using this void fill eliminates the need to create custom-shaped packing filler if you ship products in unusually shaped boxes.

Using crinkle paper will also eliminate the need to replace damaged products as your products will now be delivered safely to customers. Having a satisfied customer means  you are likely to retain the customer and have repeat business once they establish that they can trust your business to give them a well-packaged item. Crinkle paper also adds flair to the box giving your product a classy finish.  It makes a great addition to your packaging toolkit, whether you use it to elevate your lucury product offering, or as an accent, for visual impact.


Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

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