6 Tips to Make Your Gift Boxes Look Incredible Using Crinkle Paper

6 Tips to Make Your Gift Boxes Look Incredible Using Crinkle Paper

The unboxing experience you create for customers determines how customers will feel about your brand. As a brand, you should aim to give your customers that ‘WOW!’ effect when they open their gift boxes.

Whether you send a gift or a purchase to your client, the last thing you want is the products to arrive damaged. For this to happen, you must ensure the contents in the box are kept secure. The courier process can sometimes be brutal and fragile stickers don’t always help. To secure the contents, use crinkle paper to fill the voids. Crinkle paper is easy to manipulate and adds to the aesthetics of the box.  Here's our 6 tips for building incredible gift boxes.


  1. Start with your largest product

If you have a much larger product than the rest of your products, use this product as a guide to how much crinkle paper you should use. Pick a corner where you would like to place the product and add crinkle paper to this spot.

You may need to keep adding crinkle paper under the product to bring it to level with the box. This is a great way to eliminate moving the crinkle paper too much to place this large object. Once you have propped this item, fill the rest of the box with crinkle paper to prepare for the other products you will add to the box.


  1. Be gentle with the crinkle paper when separating it

To insert the rest of the items in the box, you may be required to move some of the crinkle paper around. When trying to create a space to place items, use your index finger and middle finger on each hand to create a hole that will be snug enough for your item to nest in. Try to be gentle with this process, as too much movement could straighten the crinkle paper or create a hole that’s too big for the product.

When you move the crinkle paper gently, you will find that you create a much smaller hole that keeps your product compact. This means there will be no room for the product to move around. The product will be safe for shipping.


  1. Be strategic about where your place items

To use the space in your box wisely, ensure the items are placed strategically to maximise available space. You never know how many hands and processes these packages go through before they reach their final destination. Avoid placing breakable items on the edge of the box. These items will have maximum protection and cushioning further inside the box.

You also want to ensure you don’t place breakable items too close to each other. If there is a chance that these items may move, they will bump up against each other. All it takes is a bit of rough handling, and the products can break within the box.


  1. Avoid leaving gaps

If you find large gaps between products, try to pack in more crinkle paper. Ensure there is no room for the products to move. Crinkle paper is a great void filler, but you will need to check that you have packed enough in to avoid the movement of items. The right amount of void fill can assist in making the transportation process safer and decrease content damage caused by falls, shifting, and collisions.

It is a good idea to use an appropriately sized box as well. If you use a box that’s much larger than you need, you might find that you will end up stuffing a lot more crinkle paper into it to keep your products compact.


  1. Try not to flatten crinkle paper

Crinkle paper flattens quite easily; once it is flattened, it is not always easy to regain the volume. Before adding products to the box, ensure you have a placement plan for the products. Avoid removing products around once they have been placed. This will limit the flattening of the crinkle and the need to use more crinkle paper to revive the lift.


  1. Final touches

When all your products have been added, you will want to add the final touches to ensure your box looks good and everything in your box is secure. If there are any gaps, try stuffing them with more crinkle paper. It is essential that every gap is filled. You will find that you may have a few strands of crinkle paper sticking out when you are done. It may not be possible to tuck every strand in, so don’t worry about this, as this will sort itself out once the lid goes on.



Final thoughts

The way you showcase your goods might be the difference between you and your competitors. Giving your customers a memorable unboxing experience will determine if they will return for more. Crinkle paper is the answer to transforming your boxes from mediocre to unbelievable.


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